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No. no. no. no. no.

2009-09-20 00:55:15 by TheMintHippo

No. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. yes. no. no. no.


2009-06-03 16:31:01 by TheMintHippo

I have yet to make a truly flawless piece of music, BUT I WILL NOT STOP! i will flood NG with any and all pieces of music i have created bad good ugly and so unbeliveably bad you will cry so suck on that

FL Studio

2009-04-04 13:10:35 by TheMintHippo

I Just got FL tudio and i like it posted a couple songs that i thought were good but the people have spoken and only say one ofthem is up to par, but i can live with that. I can also live witht he fact that no one sees these or reads them or quite possibly visit my page, but thats fine. privacy and solitarity (i think is a word) are virtues and rights left marred in this digital world people around the world (except china) can see everything we do and we cant stop it. Your future employer might look back and say "oh this guy made a sex game on newgrounds we shouldnt hire him" but thats how life ia in the present and we must work with it or live without the interweb, but thats crazy


2008-11-30 20:17:25 by TheMintHippo

you know i wrote a cristmas themed scrip before, but its drifted off into space by now. i can only pray the one and olny copy still exists as the original was obliterated when my laptop was wiped for the millionth time. as cristmas approaches i can only think of one thing -santa and his legions of mutated elves, reigndeer, and cyborg snowmen which will deploy from the northpole at exactly 12:15 when the moon is exactly in the right place pulling the tides on the east coast to optimal traveling conditions. and when santa is "innocently" devilering presents (which are really radio wave mappers to make a digital floor plan so the elves can plan their invasion) the cyborg snowmen army is making their way to the east coast by ship and we never saw it comming.... how did we not see it.......

My Insanity

2008-06-19 22:04:10 by TheMintHippo

As no one will see this before my insanity and clearly medicly unstable mind collapses on me i have some things to tall you (you who clearly is not listening) there is a void in humanity it is called guitar hero/rock band they are destroying a once great culture known as metal. many think they can be part of this culture just because they know the names of popular songs POSERS ALL OF YOU my very good friend has fallen victim to this poserdom he though aww man imma go buy a spike band and dethklok t shirt cuz the style looks cool but i still hate metal. please do us metal heads a favor and stay out of the music if that is not who you truly are you are born a metal head and this status cannot be achieved by playing guitar hero or buying the clothes just be yourself.......

I hate you

2008-05-25 18:13:38 by TheMintHippo

i hate you

I also write

2007-12-15 20:46:02 by TheMintHippo

I am also a freelance writer my past expiriance is Resident Evil Foar and other projects with Ian Santiago and im mucician but a perfectionist so my recordings might take awile before there up on here. i hope to be posting many songs soon


2007-12-08 17:18:19 by TheMintHippo

i love brutality and metal.......i thought u should know.....ripping out your intestines while pumping u full of drugs to keep you alive just so you can see your bloody stomach and to top it off i nail your torso to wall by your neck......have a happy day : )