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My Insanity

2008-06-19 22:04:10 by TheMintHippo

As no one will see this before my insanity and clearly medicly unstable mind collapses on me i have some things to tall you (you who clearly is not listening) there is a void in humanity it is called guitar hero/rock band they are destroying a once great culture known as metal. many think they can be part of this culture just because they know the names of popular songs POSERS ALL OF YOU my very good friend has fallen victim to this poserdom he though aww man imma go buy a spike band and dethklok t shirt cuz the style looks cool but i still hate metal. please do us metal heads a favor and stay out of the music if that is not who you truly are you are born a metal head and this status cannot be achieved by playing guitar hero or buying the clothes just be yourself.......


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