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2009-04-04 13:10:35 by TheMintHippo

I Just got FL tudio and i like it posted a couple songs that i thought were good but the people have spoken and only say one ofthem is up to par, but i can live with that. I can also live witht he fact that no one sees these or reads them or quite possibly visit my page, but thats fine. privacy and solitarity (i think is a word) are virtues and rights left marred in this digital world people around the world (except china) can see everything we do and we cant stop it. Your future employer might look back and say "oh this guy made a sex game on newgrounds we shouldnt hire him" but thats how life ia in the present and we must work with it or live without the interweb, but thats crazy


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2009-04-04 13:12:44

FL Studio is the shiz. I'll take a look at your songs. And I hope you're not making fun of China Rules day.