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2008-11-30 20:17:25 by TheMintHippo

you know i wrote a cristmas themed scrip before, but its drifted off into space by now. i can only pray the one and olny copy still exists as the original was obliterated when my laptop was wiped for the millionth time. as cristmas approaches i can only think of one thing -santa and his legions of mutated elves, reigndeer, and cyborg snowmen which will deploy from the northpole at exactly 12:15 when the moon is exactly in the right place pulling the tides on the east coast to optimal traveling conditions. and when santa is "innocently" devilering presents (which are really radio wave mappers to make a digital floor plan so the elves can plan their invasion) the cyborg snowmen army is making their way to the east coast by ship and we never saw it comming.... how did we not see it.......


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2010-06-17 02:14:07

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